//Hello friend, it's Titch here. (she/her)

I'm a British millenial plodding through life trying to make sense of it all. I also have too many interests that I can't keep up with, nor can I bore those around me on a daily basis by going on about them all the time.

And so, my online guise as Titch (a childhood nickname) was subsequently born. I could now bore the rest of the world with my interests instead, in my little corner of the internet.

Over time, I have directed online content to focus on three key areas:

 ⇢ Gaming content as YouTube videos, and livestreaming for Shenmue Dojo and on my own channels.

 ⇢ Blogging about gaming and all sorts other topics.

 ⇢ Crafting stuff by hand and lobbing it online for purchasing.

If you are here and enjoying the content, then thank you for your support. It is always much appreciated.

P.S. - yes, the whole ‘hello friend’ thing is a direct nod to Mr. Robot. Amazing telly show, it blew my mind.